13 November, 2008


Went to see Manon the other night at the Palace theatre.

I've not been to the ballet before but was very fortunate to be given tickets by the barrister who I was clerking who was unable to go at the last minute. (The five-year-old girl in my got very excited!)

Persuaded the Boy to go with me (he was a tad apprehensive) and initially sounded like he would prefer to learn how to walk on hot coals than go.

It was excellent and I enjoyed it very much :) .... makes me think that maybe I should check out the opera for once after all. I tend to think that I should try everything once....


Law Minx said...

Wow what a WONDERFUL treat, Ms Mids!!!! Im a BIG ballet fan, and though I am totally jealous of your freebie, I'm glad that you enjoyed it soo much! ( Have you SEEN the price tickets for the Royal Ballet?!?! Got 4-500 smackers knocking around for a CHEAP seat?!?!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Minxy -

I think that's why the barristers in this instance were taking advantage of the fact that it was being performed in Manchester - ticket prices are much more reasonable.

It was fantastic though so I'll definitely go again some time!