11 October, 2008

The Interview

I'm not sure that I've ever been more nervous in my life than I was this morning - and I couldn't get rid of the nerves which made it worse. Admittedly, they were probably not helped by the can of Red Bull I had for breakfast on the way over to Liverpool.

The people were as lovely as I remember from my mini and it was nice to see their Liverpool base as I spent my mini in their Manchester one.

The interview was a 'round table' interview as opposed to the X-factor style one that I had at Winckley Square which was far more relaxing. On top of that, all the interviewers were dressed casually to try and help people relax as well - they were obviously very keen to try and get the best out of people. The first question was also a nice obvious one ("Why a pupillage at Exchange Chambers?") followed by a long chat about debating and then they asked me about the pre-prepared question. Whilst I had an answer thought out, I'm glad I had read R v Davis the day before as it not only meant that I felt my inital answer was more rounded by I was able to better respond to some of their other questions on it (including whether the government's law on witness anonymity was ECHR compatible - I said I didn't think it was).

The only big screw up I can think of right away was I was asked by one interviewer whether I thought it was right that as witness anonymity was popular, it should be brought in. The debater in me automatically says 'of course not, people are stupid' - I can't actually remember whether I said 'people are stupid' but I certainly pointed out that if criminal justice was run 'by the people' we'd have the death penalty and all suspected paedophiles would have to wear a big scarlet letter P (probably branded to their forehead).

After the formal interview was over, they then took me to a different room where the current pupils were waiting so I could have a more casual chat with them. A nice wind down at the end.

All in all, I couldn't have asked for more from the interview so let's just hope that they think I'm good enough. I still suspect my CV is nowhere near the callibre that they are actually looking for...


Klairi said...

Just out of curiosity - since I'm quite ignorant in this field - what sort of a CV are they looking for? What is it that gives one's CV the calibre?

Android said...

Souns like it went really well and I hope that you get it!!

I forgot to apply to them :))

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Klairi- In general, I would usually say my CV is solid but not sparkle-y. I would usually expect a set like this to want a First (I have a 2.1) and straight As at A-level (also, don't have) and a Very Competent at the BVC (which I do have). I suspect that it is the debating which boosts my CV sufficiently in this case.

Are you not in London this weekend? Are you and your Worlds partner definitely coming to SOAS?

Andropov- ooops! Sounds like you're enjoying the new job though! Did you apply to anywhere this autumn?

Klairi said...

nope I'm not is London for Presidents, but definitely coming to SOAS!

Android said...

I applied to 2 places :)

Swiss Tony said...

Missi, surely your cv is alright, otherwise they wouldn't have asked you to the interview? All they had to go on was your cv.

Glad that you seemed to do well, so I will wait with bated breath.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Andro - fingers crossed for you then!

Swiss - Your logic is irrefutable. I just have difficulty believing it.

nought.point.zero said...

Doesn't sound like too much of a screw up, I suspect that they agree with you that people are stupid and I'm sure you put it more eloquantly than you think anyway. Fingers crossed!