08 October, 2008

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Well, on Monday I had a rejection from a set in Leeds which, admittedly, I wasn't overly bothered by but the fact it happened within about one week of me submitting my form was slightly galling.

The very good news is that I now have an interview with a set in Manchester this Saturday. I'm particularly happy as I have done a mini with them and was fairly certain that I'd screwed up along the line - so nice to know they don't hate me!

They are sending through a question which I have to prepare for the interview and have warned I may have to defend the view point I adopt. Oh shame - because I've never done that before!

Only bad thing is I had booked my trains to and from London this weekend to go to the President's Cup (novice debating competition) and now can't go down.

Fingers crossed, all, please!


Swiss Tony said...

Hey Missy Moo, good luck on saturday. I would have met you at the cup thing, but now your not going, and I can't make it anyway, but I will email you directly about debating.

Fingers crossed for the interview though.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...


How exciting, I didn't know you had taken up debating!

Well, SOAS is the week after PC so if you can make that, I can assure you there will be some excellent motions (I'm setting them) and much fun to be had by all!