13 October, 2008

Interview - Bad news

Didn't get it.

Am most upset.

At least they got back to me quickly though.


LE:GAL said...

Ah, sorry about that Miss.

I shall be sending virtual chocolate your way.

Android said...

I can't believe it :(

The 50-Year-Old Pupil said...

Apparently, the barristers who get on everybody else's proverbials are the ones that come up after a hearing and say "Oh! Bad Luck!"

So I won't ... but hang on in there. I didn't even get an interview at Exchange (nor Kings, nor Deans Court) and I applied twice to each and had done minis at Kings and Deans Court, I was that desperate, yet have pupillage at a "leading common law set" (it says here) in London. I got turned down for a mini by Exchange!

If you are getting interviews you are soooooo close. Get feedback, dust yourself off and remember that there are alternatives to the provincial bar.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

LE:GAL and Andro, thank you for the commiserations.

50YOP: Thank you, reading that has made me feel much better! - you wouldn't believe it :)