24 July, 2008


The Boy came back with a wii-fit yesterday.

It's even more fun than I had expected! Whilst on the BVC, I used to walk the journey to and from uni about 50% of the time and its about a 2. 5 mile walk. Now, I spend all day in front a computer convincing myself that reading blogs and playing Civ IV counts as career research and jobs applications and all the typing I'm doing *must* have compensated for the complete lack of leaving the house and walking.

Hmmm, the bathroom scales begged to differ so lets see if the wii-fit can do better!


Al said...

We're probably going to be given a Wii as a wedding present along with Guitar Hero. Might consider getting Wii Fit, let us know what you think of it. I'm also interested to hear reviews of Mario Strikers (the football one) and Pro Evo, but I'm going to be really prejudice and assume you don't have/want those ones.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Played guitar hero in the shop and it was fun, too :)

Your prejudices are spot on for the others!