29 July, 2008

Fashionable to be green

This article is a wonderful expression of my own views on being green.

We all feel a need to cast the first stone at our neighbours, but now adultery is off the statute book, we'll judge them for their 4x4.

The line I love best:

"I find I can neither get too excited about polar bears (too far away); nor about the twiddly, fiddly little efforts we obedient households are supposed to make to ensure our planet keeps ticking along nicely. Yet, like the thoroughly conditioned member of the chattering classes I am, I do exactly as I'm supposed to."

So, so true.

Right, I'm off to take the glass and cans out...

EDIT: thanks to Al for pointing out the complete lack of a link


Al said...

"This" article? Really?

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

It's the blogging equivalent of failing to attach a document.