29 July, 2008


Well, I bit the bullet and applied to three paralegalling positions yesterday.

Was pleasantly surprised when the firm I liked the most got back within the hour and offered me an interview for next Monday. They're a respectable sized city firm with a Manchester office. My only problem is that the advert said 'PRG paralegal'. If anyone has ANY idea what PRG stands for, I would be grateful!

My only thought as to why I got the interview was because I've done two vac schemes with solicitors firms in Manchester - maybe that helped?

Or it was simply my sparkly personality!

Fingers crossed, eh?


Al said...

No one at work, including the most senior barrister guy, has a clue what it means. Maybe you can just ignore it and hope it never crops up

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Cheers for that - makes me feel much better!

Android said...

Well done on getting the interview! I hope it goes well :)