17 July, 2008

Grammar Schools and the Working Class

I'm a supporter of Grammar schools in general, but this is probably the best argument I've seen as to why they might not be so good for children of working class backgrounds.

Instead of just screaming 'class war' and bursting into tears, it gives a very good argument for how the demise of grammar schools may have accounted for the level of entrepreneurship in British society. Definitely worth remembering for the future.

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Al said...

I'm completely stumped on the issue of grammar schools. I've never come across an issue that's so balanced with good arguments on both sides. One interesting fact is that when they were invented, the big champions of them were, of course, the left, who saw them as the biggest injection of social mobility the country had ever seen (and they had a point). Thatcher is the prime minister who reigned over the largest number of grammar school closures, althought that is probably partly due to the length of her reign.

For the record, I went to one myself.