08 May, 2008

Religious Tolerance

The right side of religious tolerance.


Marc_Newcomb said...

It all seems a little insincere to me for him to say "proper talk about God is always difficult, always tentative", as a representative of a church that claims to know God's opinion on condoms and medical research and whose head claims to be God's personal representative. I also find it a little odd that he seems to think that Naziism and Communism became so terrible due to excessively following reason.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Perhaps there is a difference between talking about the nature of God and interpreting what His will is?

On the first, I agree that it is a difficult subject to talk about, because we lack the needed words and concepts.

On the second, it is a matter of taking revealed teachings and applying them to a new scenario. Different opinions will arise depending on people's opinions on the relevance of the original teachings to the new scenario or whether they have been correctly interpreted.