10 May, 2008

Italy v Spain: Blue v Pink

Whilst I'm usually anti-socialism, I think the changes which are taking place in Spain at the moment will be interesting to follow. What I find more useful is that Italy can act as a test subject where the changes have not occurred.

I do not usually support the government intervening for minority groups as I think it usually ends up creating more problems than it solves. There are some clear exceptions to this: preventing discrimination in education and domestic violence being the two which spring most quickly to mind.

Usually, if a woman makes it to the top she is not perceived as a role model as she is seen as 'being too male'. I've thought before that if multiple women make it to the top, this is what is necessary for real change to happen (Thatcher v Scandinavian governments, for example). The mass promotion of women into non-traditional female roles (defence being the most extreme) should have an interesting effect.

Watch this space.

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