20 May, 2008

Dear and Darling Readers

My dear and darling readers,

I'm worried.

I've just been looking over the number of comments posted on various posts and the top three, in order, are:

1st: Bouncy Castles
2nd: Ananas/Pineapples (a debate on etymology)
3rd: Abortion

Now, I can only think of one explanation for this: My views are so wonderfully clear and thought out that the only issues upon which I cannot persuade you to change your minds are on the less serious ones such as children's toys and the etymology of South American fruits.

Ahem, better go and get another glass of wine, methinks.


Alex said...

Surely the conclusion to be drawn is to provide your baying public with at least one bouncy castle-themed post a day

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I will endeavour to follow your advice!