02 May, 2008

Child adopted against natural father's wishes is legal

A woman becomes pregnant after a one night stand. She gives birth to the child, before giving it up to the local authority for adoption. The local authority (LA) contact the father to ask for a DNA test to confirm paternity. The father states he wishes to take care of the child.

The LA puts the child in foster care. The father's wishes are ignored and he takes the case to court. The day before the hearing, the LA give the child to the new adoptive parents. Once an adoption has taken place, it is too late for the natural parent to get the child back again.

The father brought further legal action against the LA. The judges ruled that the actions of the LA were 'regrettable legal' because the Adoption Act 2002 is human right compliant.

Why did the LA ignore the opinion of the father and do everything possible to have the child adopted instead? Because of government targets for LA's to have children adopted.


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Android said...

'The father said that he was unable to take part in the initial care proceedings because he was in hospital after a heart attack.' - sounds like that PI seminar problem question.