14 September, 2009

Mrs Voldemort?

This post from Dizzy Thinks observes that of all the influential women in politics over the past century (according to a Government list publish recently), only one is listed without her name.

Check out 1979 by clicking on the picture to make it bigger.


nought.point.zero said...

Trying to rewrite history, eh? Putin would love it. And she wasn't that important, only the most transformative PM of all time. Was she the longest serving PM? I don't know much about pre 20th century politics, maybe there was some old Lord from the olden days who served for longer.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Walpole gets the prize for the longest - according to good ol' wikipedia :) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Records_of_Prime_Ministers_of_the_United_Kingdom)