16 September, 2009

How much does crime pay

How much does crime pay? $22 per day for burglary, according to "When Brute Force Fails: How to have less crime and less punishment" as reviewed by Marginal Revolution.

I wonder if the reason for crime rates not falling proportionally can be explained by Sudhir Venkatesh's analysis of why drug dealers live with their mothers (also used in Freakonomics)

PS: Also love penguin bringing back their old paper back covers for a number of books (check out the Freakonomics link if you don't know what I mean)


travisthetrout said...

(totally love the classic look of the freakonomics book, mine has the modern cover which I'm all disappointed about now.)

favor nweke said...

great blog.very helpful for school work.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Thank you, Favor Nweke