07 September, 2009

Healthcare Myths and Facts

I was on McSweeney's and I quite enjoyed this piece of analysis within commentary on the American healthcare debate... Can't help but feel he might just have hit the nail on the head there!


People in Britain are deeply unhappy with their socialized medicine system, which ours will become.


People in Britain are deeply unhappy with everything. It is their only source of happiness.


Law Minx said...

Might I venture to suggest a further fact?

We British simply LOVE to queue, even when there's no reason to do so; I offer, as an example a recent experience in Sainsbury's when, stood about waiting for a companion to purchase his lunch, 7 people promptly formed an orderly line behind me.
Go figure...!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Very true - in fact, I'm sure the M25 was designed with our national preferences in mind!