03 July, 2009

"Written Exercise"

Are there any guesses as to what a "written exercise" at an interview may entail?


Law Minx said...

Hi Ms Mids,

Could be anything depending on the se and its particular pecadillost; my experiences have been of problems related to Contract or Tort.

Are your interviews very soon? When ever they are, all the very best of luck!!!!!!!!!

Dillontroy said...

At an interview recently I had to write down the rules of hangman in the form of an Act of Parliament. Could be something as random as that!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Dillontroy: Glad if I don't get that (or if I do, I've had more time to think on it!) - a more interesting version of the 'tell an alien how to make a cup of tea' question!

Minxy: Interviews are over the next week or so - one second round and first fist round. Am cramming tort and contract merrily - thank goodness for BPP providing DVDs - as they are only two years out of date means they are still good enough.