19 July, 2009

Interview progress

Well, this year have had 3 first round interviews.

One of which I fluffed and they promptly (and rightly) told me I wasn't through to the second round a couple of days later.

On the other two, however, the panel appeared to have suffered from a collective delusion and have invited me back for second interviews.

One of these, I have already done (hence the previous question on written exercises - in the end, it was a 45 minute legal essay on any subject of my choice - I chose my 'rant' on parental leave). The other, I have just been told of today. It's a full day interview over the next week. Should have asked what to expect but was, frankly, so stunned to be told that I ended up just saying 'yes' and 'thank you' like a computer says 'no'.

The set is a provincial, criminal set with a small civil team. Any indications of your experiences of day long interviews (even if note in similar sets) would therefore be most welcome - please!


nought.point.zero said...

It all sounds rather exciting, good luck!

Law Minx said...

My Dear Ms Mids,

I've not had personal experience of a day long interview, though I have an acquiantance, who is now a barrister at a very tiny but ambitious set, who went thorough such a procedure; she tells me she felt as if she were constantly on show, but felt this particularly at lunch, oddly enough, where she felt she had to decline offers of alcohol in the name of decorum.

Other than that ( being a half hour/hour kinda girlie at the moment) I'm afraid I dont have much help to offer you, other than much by way of positive good wishes and luck! Its there for the taking - and all it takes is one single offer!! All the very best!! :)

simply wondered said...

sounds like a mini-mini as 'twere. best i can do is wish you loads of luck. don't overthink - they are barristers not the immediate family of the one true god.