30 July, 2009


Please tell me the waiting is crippling everyone else?

I seem to have spent every moment that I've been within 5 metres of the internet flicking between the Portal (of Doom), thestudentroom, other 'snitch seekers' blogs and my email.

Thoroughly unproductive.

On another note, does anyone know whether there has been a 'freeze' on the portal (so that even if it were updated, no information would come through to the candidate until 31 July - like UCAS at results day) or whether it is 'live' but chambers are under threat of death should they update.

Basically, the question comes down to the time that it is acceptable to ring chambers in a quiet room to burst into tears over the phone at them. I'm guessing 8:30 am might be a little early, but if I didn't hear one way another by the end of the day, by the end of the weekend I might well just be a little bundle of nerves with a sign above my head reading 'here lyeth the remains of a failed barrister'.



Anonymous said...

I am a bundle of nerves.

I think 8.30am is too early - I think the Portal says no offers before 9am?

No sleep tonight.

All the luck in the world to everyone waiting tonight. And congratulations for getting this far.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


Very true on the 9am front - does it say something about the Portal that it didn't occur to me to look on it when I needed specific info on the pupillage process!?

Best of luck with whoever you are waiting upon - are you willing to say who?

Anonymous said...

I think I'll keep my cards close to my chest for just one more night! :)

I am willing to say that I am waiting on 3 Chambers - so lots of finger crossing this evening!

But the best of luck to everyone - I really mean that. And we should all be proud to have got to the final stages.

Till tomorrow :)