17 January, 2009

Newsflash gripe

Does anyone else get very annoyed that newsflash advertises new pupillages, but then doesn't provide a link to the chamber's page on OLPAS/their own website?

It surely wouldn't be difficult to do and would save crucial minutes of annoyance each time.

There is a hearing tomorrow which I am providing paralegal cover for (as we get days off in lieu and the solicitors don't). As most of it will be waiting around whilst the panel is in camera, I currently have the intention of doing pupillage applications for several hours.

What will actually happen, no doubt, is that I will watch hours of programmes on the i-player, read my book, continue to knit my scarf, finish/get bored with the above, go out and get a paper... And then feel very virtuous asa I would have had a pupillage window open in the background all day meaning I would have worked on applications for a good few hours according to the 'revision' (1) theory of timekeeping.

(1) the revision theory, as practiced by students down the ages states that "1. Work done is equal to amount of time relevant documents are open UNTIL 24 before any given deadline. 2. Where student has fallen asleep on open book, student may count sleeping time as double revision time as the process of osmosis aids learning."

1 comment:

Android said...

I also find that really annoying! The whole website needs a major upgrade, starting with the OLPAS form content!

I like your revision theory. May I also add that if put a book under your pillow, that also counts as revision!