28 January, 2009

The funniest man in the world has a blog....

I have just discovered, to my joy, that the funniest man in the world (or at least the 2007 and 2009 debating world championships) has a blog.

For those dear blog watchers out there who don't know who Willard Foxton is, I can tell you that words cannot possibly do him justice and you just MUST go over and have a read.

He will be added to the blog roll straight away.

(ps: the rule with Willard, by the way, is that the more outragous a story seems, the more truth there is in it. A story about him being kidnapped by pirates whilst shopping for milk is likely to be true*, a slightly humourous story about who said what to whom is less so).

* to understand Willard's relationship with the truth, try imagining the truth as a person. Now imagine their relationship is as functional as a play boy bunny's relationship and about as long lasting. Then you're about 6.5% of the way there.

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