19 January, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Another pupillage application rejection. Bugger.

Well, I didn't like them anyway.*

And who cares about getting pupillage?**

*Not strictly true

** Erm, so asside from me and 2000 other people every year, no one. In a world population of 6 000 000 000. See, it really isn't that popular!


Law Minx said...

In a word (well, several, actually, and, well, generally rather RUDE) !@#$%^&^&*&*((()*&^%$!!##%#^&&**()!!!!! ( expletives deleted)

I am really sorry to hear that you've recieved another rejection, Ms Mids; I do hope it wasn't the chambers of your dreams, and that when they finally decide upon their 2009/10 version of Mr Quentin Crawley they will come to the fullest realisation that, in passing you over they've made a truly AWFUL mistake!

Such rejection once again begs the question: what exactly IS it that we all have to do in order to secure pupillage?!?!

Swiss Tony said...

Good question Minxy.

Has anyone in blogshpere actually got one yet?

Its like the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

Missy Middly, I think its a numbers game. Keep throwing those applications and one day, one of them will stick


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

It was a chambers in Manchester wwhich had a pupillage available - but it wasn't a 'dream set' as it were so the disappointment is more annoyance than actual upset.

I'm thinking that the answer to Minxy might just to offer to sleep with the interviewers.

Swiss, interesting question. Mind you, perhaps if we put the effort we do into blogging into pupillage.... ahem ;)