28 January, 2008

Warwick IV

Well, I was in little motion heaven this weekend :-)

Round 1: THW allow the teaching of intelligent design in the USA in science classrooms
Round 2: THW allow women to join the front line
Round 3: THW force all people receiving benefits to do work in the community
Round 4: (Analysis) THBT a Pakistan under Musharref is better that under a weak democracy
Rounds 5: THW use brain dead people for medical experiments rather than healthy volunteers

Semi: THW introduce a verdict of Not Proven in rape cases

Final: (wording may be wrong) THW create a duty for companies to protect children from intimidatory, racist or sexual behaviour in online virtual worlds

The only bad thing about the semi was that I couldn't remember what I'd actually written in the blog post on the same topic a while ago...

Round 1 suffered from an unfortunate lack of robot stories. Shame!

Finalists were:
1p, Birmingham
1o, KCL
2p, Middle Temple
2o, Bristol

JLM was best speaker on the tab. The final was won by Middle Temple and I was best speaker :)

Tab to follow.


Alex said...

Many congratulations! R5 looks pretty cool. I don't get the final though, it looks to me like a) the SQ and b) completely truistic. Obviously I'm wrong, but how and why?

Liz Ford said...

The issue became the extent to which such a duty should exist on the companies, or whether parents should exercise care instead.

I believe the original motion was about allowing people to bring prosecution for 'rape' in worlds such as second life.