11 January, 2008

Example Debating CV

As promised, an example of a debating CV. I haven't listed all the IV's which I've gone to, mainly because I've forgotten which they were (possibly due to excess alcohol consumption). If you started debating relatively recently (like, in the last two years or so) then I would advise you to list the all IVs you have attended (and can remember). The same applies for judging.

If you remember doing especially well at an IV, but can't remember how well, e-mail me as I probably have the tab on my computer somewhere if it was in the last 2-3 years. Good God, I'm sad.

Debating CV

Debating Experience

Manchester Intra-varsity: Winning team


Tilbury House: Best Speaker on the tab, Best Speaker in the final, winning team in final.

Koc IV: Quarter-finalist


Cambridge IV: 14th Speaker on the Tab

Birmingham IV: Quarter-finalist

Vancouver Worlds: Octo-finalist

Kingsmill-Invitational (Trinity): Semi-Finalist

Trinity IV: Quarter finalist

Bristol Open: Finalist


Bristol IV*: Finalist

Cambridge*: 24th Speaker on the Tab

Birmingham IV*: Finalist

Worlds (Thailand)*: Attended

Warwick IV *: Winning team, best speaker in the final. Third best speaker on the tab.

*Represented Middle Temple

In addition, I have been to many other IVs.

Judging Experience


Finals Judge

Tilbury House
Finals judge
President's Cup
Finals judge

Lancaster IV

Finals judge



Interim treasurer




Training director

Over the last 5 years, when not directly involved with the committee, I have nevertheless helped out by judging on Thursdays, putting up posters, being involved with the IVs, running training on an ad hoc basis or as a joint venture, writing to potential sponsors and attending our sponsor’s events.

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