06 January, 2008

World's Tab

A preliminary tab for Worlds can be found here. I have no idea what makes it preliminary rather than final. On the eighth day, God created tab geeks for that very purpose....

My, didn't we get shafted badly! Three actively bad decisions, 2 bad luck decisions and 1 fairly deserved 4th in 9 rounds. Oh well, thankfully Cork should have a distinct lack of crazy Aussie judges.

I find it interesting that although only 7 IONA teams broke, 3 reached the semis and 2 the final. Is it me or does that type of proportion suggest poor judging of teams in the in rounds?

If you look at the ESL out-rounds, it's nice to see Amsterdam and Tilbury House chase each other up the rankings. Nothing like a decent tag team effort :) Well done to Amsterdam for winning and to TH for reaching the final.


Alex said...

It was never supposed to be 'death and taxes' it was 'death, taxes and silly judging decisions'.

Here's a question: is there an argument for exanding worlds to a double-octos break? And is there a proper word for it that isn't 'double octos'?

Liz Ford said...

Lol@ death and taxes comment.

I don't think there is such an argument. Whilst Worlds has been getting bigger and bigger recently, for Cork it's going to shrink again. 32 teams is (very roughly) 10% of the total teams and I think keeping the break reasonably exclusive makes it more impressive.

If you think that a 30-40 team tournament normally breaks to finals and 50+ tournaments to semis, the 10% rules works quite nicely as it ensures a good quality of break.