09 February, 2009


Scrabulous is back on Facebook, though it's renamed to Lexilous (or similar) and has 8 letters.

I'll admit to being a little OCD on scrabble, I like it and I'm good at it - not the least because I learned the two letter word list a loooong time ago.

It's quite amazing how much harder the game is when you have one extra letter. All the bingos which usually fall into place fail me utterly.

Nevertheless, I battle on. Mr Zero, it's your go.


nought.point.zero said...

Shouldn't it be easier with 8 letters? You know you still get bonus points for using 7 leters right (ie you dont have to use *all* your letters this time in order to get bonus points).

If they let me have facebook at work I'd be on it 24/7

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

As you'll see, just found that out...

nought.point.zero said...

Should have kept my mouth shut!