02 February, 2009

Riding out a recession? Training contract

Well, it seems the best way to ride out the recession is to be a trainee in a law firm as they are almost completely unsackable - even for gross misconduct, let alone minor details like profit margins.

In order to sack a trainee, you need the permission of the SRA....

More here.


Law Minx said...

Knowing absolutely NOTHING about Employment/Labour Law, I wonder if pupils are easier then to sack, and, that bieng the case have we picked the wrong branch of the profession?!
( what am I saying?! of COURSE we have, but we love it anyway!!!)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Hmmm, a trainee is employed (unlike a pupil) and there is a contract for training (unlike a pupil) so, regrettably, I think we could not benefit.


Lawminx said...

Chambers would probably bin a pupil at the end of their first six anyway - perhaps, unfortunately, as good riddance to bad rubbish. ( Ew - what a HORRID thought!)