24 August, 2009

French Lessons


Well, I start in French because The Boy and I have recently started private French lessons.

Mme V is very good and provides a two hour lesson at hour house followed by complimentary supplementary lessons over the phone.

The reasons for the French lessons are because we plan to hold the wedding in France. My French is inexact, but I am happy to muddle along until I find I forget a word so completely that I cannot even replace it with a similar word (for example, I may forget 'voir' (to see) and temporarily substitute with 'regarder' (to watch)).

I think the problem is coming, however, that whilst The Boy did French at GCSE and I did not, my 'comprehendable' French is far more fluent than his - partly t do with my ability to 'give it a go' with any language (French, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Turkish....).

Anyway, the point of this post is partly the apologise for the lack of recent update (sorry) but also to say that is anyone is looking for French tuition, I do thoroughly recommend my current teacher and please get in contact with me if you might be interested


Marc_Newcomb said...

Language tapes and written material from the American Foreign Serices Institute are available online, should be useful for people who don't want to spend their cash on private lessons.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Thanks, Marc

Law Minx said...

Vous allez vous marier en France? Quelle merveille! Quelle chose incroyablement romantique à faire! Je le prends donc, tous vos vœux seront en français, d'où le cours de langue! Avez-vous fixé une date pour l'happy day (une mijaurée a besoin de connaître ces choses, afin qu'elle puisse sortir et d'acheter son chapeau virtuel!!)