25 February, 2008

You get what you pay for

...Or why providing public services free at source may make them less efficient and effective as people see them as being worthless. Here.


Jak Marshall said...

So the act paying for something gives it some sense of added value under this theory? I liked the anologous statements about the NHS but if a common shoplifter came into my corner shop and nicked off with a packet of chewing gum and a policeman apprehended him and charged me for the service I'd call that robbery.

Alex said...

Inetresting, but I think it's a false syllagism too far to connect the wine study with NHS treament. For one thing, it doesn't matter whether a patient appreciates their treatment or not, it just matters if they get better. Conversly, the only thing that really matters to wine sellers is whether the customer appreciates the wine. But worth the link anyway.