18 November, 2007



I kept wanting a space to put all the random stuff I tend to accumulate in the background to running training. Some stuff I've been putting on facebook, other stuff in the hand outs, some things I e-mail to a few people. A lot of it hasn't been going anywhere but the depths of my computer which seemed something of a waste. The various attempts I made at starting casefiles will also be posted at some point :)

So, I will (hopefully) keep this updated regularly with links to useful articles (either for motions, background stuff or stuff about debating), I will try and remember to post the handouts from each week here so if you miss a training session, it'll still be online. I'll also post comments on IVs. If I'm at them and have my computer (Worlds 2008, for example) I will blog directly. If not, comments later.

If you have any ideas of what else I should put on here, please tell me!


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